Celtic ring-image, 925 sterling silver, celtic knot ring, infinity celtic knot

Celtic Jewelry – The Amazing Mystery Unraveled

Celtic Jewelry – Puzzles and mysterious things consistently have the ability to hold people in amazement. Celtic jewelry has a rich history that flaunts a proud tradition as well as the jewelry comes in complex designs and functions as a reminder of the customs and rites followed by the Celts.

Celtic Jewelry, 925 sterling silver, celtic knot ring, infinity celtic knot

Celtic ring – nodus jewelry

Celtic jewelry is popularly called Claddagh jewelry and is valued for its intricacy and conventional exquisiteness. Jewelers use numerous Celtic designs such as the cross and spiral to produce cryptic jewelry pieces. Celtic coils symbolize eternity and so are abundantly used in Celtic jewelry. Celtic cross predates the Christian cross for approximately two centuries and according to legend, St Patrick created the cross by drawing a circle on the Latin cross.
Celtic cross: Catholics think the Celtic cross denotes eternity and never-ending love for the Almighty. It also symbolizes the ring of Christ. Celtic cross is believed to signify first-class knowledge, fortitude, and comprehension to deal with all trials and tribulations of life as compared to the Christian cross that shields the wearer from injury. Some say the Celtic cross symbolizes the four directions of the compass and some believe that it is the representation of human existence like head, soul, body as well as heart.

Celtic Jewelry – Celtic Knots:

Celtic knots will be the most distinguishing characteristics of Celtic jewelry, with complex designs and patterns. Numerous early layouts had some significance and every symbol’s meaning shifted within every tribe and place. A celtic knot denotes eternity and interconnectedness and yet, you WOn’t locate any authoritative guide that describes the Celtic knots.
Celtic rings and bracelets will be the most popular Nodus Jewelry things and normally finish the symbolism. Prior to purchasing wedding bands, you got to comprehend the significance behind the knots to take pleasure in the illusive feel of the Celtic wedding bands. Many historical motifs are by and large embedded into mysterious cultures which can be part of Celtic history and a number of knots are as early as 20,000 years.