Celtic heart ring-image, 925 sterling silver, infinity celtic knot, celtic jewelry

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings – silver and gold

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, the Celtic knot engagement rings come as top favorite
Because they have so much meaning. The Celtic ring is chosen because it is the perfect representation of the promise declaration made by two lovers. These signify the promise to get a new life together and forever.

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings, 925 sterling silver, infinity celtic knot, celtic jewelry

Celtic heart ring-image – Nodusjewelry

Many also consider customizing their Celtic knot engagement rings to give more intimate elements which the couples will understand. And these can be beautified with the addition of metalwork, gemstones, or engravings. Many couples are fond of Celtic jewelry because of the distinctive design of the Celtic nuances in the ring. The Celtic knot engagement rings use the knotted designs where they have no beginning and end.

This emphasizes the deeper meaning which means the “tying the knot”. These also signify the infinite or endless love when crafted. Because of this reason, many have chosen Celtic knots engagement rings to tie the knots.

The Celtic knot engagement rings come in many types. Here are the most popular ones.

Celtic Cross

Celtic cross engagement rings are closely prevalent to the history of Christianity. Despite the disputes around the origins, it is strongly believed the creation of Celtic crossings as the means of Celtic monks to add Christianity to pagan. The cross signifies the God’s eternal love. Christians believe that it is the symbol of Christ scarification “Cross”.

Lover’s Knot

This is what we have known as “tie the knot”. This is the symbol of eternal love as well as infinity. It is a common practice that Celtic wedding ceremony adds “lover’s knots” to the ring design. The conventional Celtic rings usually indicate the lover’s knot meaning. It is also often applied that the animals are engraved in the rings. These are the messenger of Gods. But to add these to the ring will depend on the individual’s’ preferences.

Claddagh rings

Claddagh rings are arguably the most original Celtic ring type. These signify the broader meaning revolving love and friendship, as well as family.

Celtic bands

The Celtic bands are used for engagement and wedding events. These come in different shapes, colors, as well as thickness. The standard Celtic band is usually crafted with metal knots from gold strands.

Celtic Knot Engagement Rings

No matter what types of Celtic rings you choose, you can always include gemstones to enhance the design. If you are very interested in customizing the Celtic knot engagement rings, make sure you choose the reputable artists and makers. They will know what to do to meet your requirements.