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What Are Celtic Knot Rings?

What Are Celtic Knot Rings? If you look around, you will find them most everywhere like tshirts, posters, jewelry, and bumper stickers; it might be said they are somewhat of an omnipresence. A lot of people discover the conventional and complex designs quite appealing. But exactly what’s the Celtic knot ring, what significance does it have and what’s a good Celtic knot ring that you must look for? Most historians still don’t know in the event the Celtic knots actually mean anything or are purported to symbolize something or not. Sadly, the Celts are not much for maintaining a diary, therefore the information about those knots is little to none. That which we do understand is because there are four primary types the knots fall under.

Celtic Knot Rings- Celtic heart ring, 925 sterling silver, infinity celtic knot, celtic jewelry

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What Are Celtic Knot Rings?

  1. Triangular or triskele designs. These have more pointed borders.
  2. Creature interlace. All these are thought to symbolize exactly what the relationship is between man and girl, man and creature, quarry and hunter.
  3. Ring-Shaped knots. These were believed to stand for life cycles, oneness, or eternity.
  4. Squares, or shield knots. These were assumed to protect those individuals from evil spirits. Square knots could be seen decorating the fronts of shields, and they were frequently put close to sickly individuals.

We are going to likely never understand if these modern organizations are thoughts that were discussed by the primeval Celts. Quite frequently, Celtic knots were thought of as spiritual symbols, because as Christianity came to Ireland, the knots were incorporated into their spiritual symbols. Nevertheless, members of the Wiccan group additionally use Celtic knots inside their vision. It is also not known for sure in the event the knots are actually from Ireland, or whether another group such as the Norse brought them to the united states. Regardless of the case, all throughout Irish history the knots appear in crosses, buildings, pottery, jewelry, and decorating.