Celtic knot ring-image, infinity celtic knot ring, celtic jewelry, infinity knot. sterling silver, katstudio

Celtic Wedding Ring – Choose The Best

Choose The Best Celtic Wedding Ring

Celtic Wedding Ring – And so the joyful time has come for you personally to pick your wedding band!
Celtic metalwork has a long and distinguished tradition. By selecting a celtic ring you happen to be gaining from centuries of ability and craftsmanship. This post intends to provide you some insight to the procedure of choosing the perfect ring – a ring you will wear with pride for life!

Celtic Wedding Ring Designs

The first thing to know about is broad assortment of designs available, each valuing and observing the proud traditions of Celtic art, metalwork and jewelry design.

Celtic Wedding Ring, infinity celtic knot ring, celtic jewelry, infinity knot. sterling silver, katstudio

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Claddagh rings feature the centuries-old claddagh design – two hands, holding a heart, topped with a royal crown. These components are believed to symbolize friendship, love and loyalty. The standard claddagh ring was initially traded in Galway as a keepsake of union, making it a natural alternative for your wedding day.

Trinity knot and Celtic knot wedding rings feature Celtic knot ring, Celtic weave and interlace patterns – from easy, tasteful weaves to amazing, complex designs. Celtic knots really are an integral characteristic of Celtic art and design, from pre-Christian times right through to the present day era.

Celtic warrior wedding rings characteristic layouts on the basis of the fantastic Ardagh Chalice, the finest case of Celtic metalwork yet found in Ireland.

Additionally, you will discover rings inspired by Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, for example, Book of Kells, the standing stone Celtic Crosses as well as the historical burial site, Newgrange.

Meanwhile, a range of rings has been designed featuring inscriptions in Gaelic, the present day Celtic language of Ireland.