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Triquetra jewellery – Meaning, tips and more!

Triquetra jewellery

The Triquetra jewellery knot is also know by the name the Triquetra and is one of the best known symbols in Celtic culture. The Celtic knot ring Christian church used it to represent the Holy Trinity, but other cultures used the symbol too and each attached its own meaning to it. The Trinity knot consists of three corners, some designs also include the circle in the centre.

What does triquetra jewellery mean?

Triquetra jewellery, 925 sterling silver, infinity celtic knot, celtic jewelry

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One of the great things about the Trinity knot is its versatility; it has been used as a symbol in a variety of religions and even today, it has new significance.
For those Christians who do wear triquetra you will most likely hear them express with great enthusiasm the points in which the three symbols or corners of the triquetra represent the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. This has long since been the case for Pagans who held the belief that triquetra are more relevant to the earth, wind and fire. Others could look at this from just a purely general view. and give the labels of mind, body and spirit. Whichever terms you feel most comfortable with are up to you and personal based on your beliefs. This pendant here is a beautiful and dazzling display for someone looking for a trinity knot with some added flair. The versatility of the Trinity Knot

If all of the above isn’t sufficient, right here are a few greater meanings:

  • It can be used as a symbol of Eire’s historic subculture.
  • The countless intertwining curves also can be consultant of everlasting love.
  • It is able to receive as a present a good way to deliver a desire of toughness as it represents an uninterrupted existence cycle.
  • The Trinity knot can even be used to define the ranges of a female’s existence; children, motherhood and antique age.
  • It is once in a while known as the Irish Love knot.
  • It makes for a killer necktie, discover ways to tie Trinity knot like a champion.
  • It may make a amazing gift for a bunch of occasions which include an engagement, wedding ceremony and anniversaries.

Caring tips for your triquetra jewellery:

If you’ve got readymade triquetra jewellery, it is able to ultimate you for many years, once in a while even last from generation to generation. All you want is some preventive preservation and mild care:

  • Cleaning your triquetra jewellery
  • Put in your jewellery after applying cosmetics and lotions – this may avoid staining them.
  • Rinse your jewellery with fresh water. Use a gentle, lint-loose material to pat them dry.
  • Gently clean the settings with a soft brush; you can use a toothbrush if you have not anything else to be had.
  • Soak steel bands and jewellery with gem stones and/or diamonds for a couple of minutes in a slight cleansing answer of water and a few drops of dish cleaning soap